Adam Theis

Adam Theis has been an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for the past 10+ years. Growing up in Santa Rosa, California, Adam helped create a Jazz music awareness in the North Bay by leading many successful projects that included The Adam Theis Ensemble, Savoy Swingers and Cannonball. After graduating from Sonoma State University with a degree in Jazz Composition & Performance Adam hit the road with some of the world’s best Ska bands; The Skatelites (1998/1999), Let’s Go Bowling (1998/1999), and The Specials (2001). While performing with these well-established acts, Adam’s main concentration was always on forming his own groups. In 1998 he moved to San Francisco’s Mission District and began founding the San Francisco JAZZ MAFIA which now consists of Realistic Orchestra, The Shotgun Wedding Quintet, The Shotgun Wedding Hip-Hop Symphony, Supertaster, Joe Bagale’s Dirty Workshop, Spaceheater and many more. Read full bio here

Finn Kelly

Finn Kelly is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Go Game. Started in 2001 in collaboration with his good friend Ian Fraser, The Go Game was the first location-based game of it’s kind. In a time before flash mobs and check-ins, hundreds of San Francisco adventurers came out each month to play one of their hand-crafted urban games, weaving actors and creative stunts with trivia and location based clues. Over the past 10 years The Go Game has evolved into the leader in corporate team building running over 50 events a month around the world. They hold the record for the world’s largest mobile phone game with an event in Dallas that featured over 2500 players. To date, over 1 million players have experienced their blend of fun and creativity, and they have grown to a 3 million dollar company with 20 employees across the country. Finnegan is responsible for the technical side of the company and gives talks about transmedia, gaming and personal transformation. In his spare time, Finnegan is a jazz piano player around the Bay Area, performing with several Bay Area bands and is now the co-founder of the Treat Social Club. Read full bio here

Danielle Sandia Langlois

Danielle Sandia Langlois is a San Francisco based aerial artist, instructor and director. An alumni of the Circus Center’s Professional Aerial Program, she enjoys exploring the vast possibilities that aerial work lends to art, self-expression and social commentary. Building upon her traditional circus training, Sandia creates solo performance as well as collaborations with Bay Area innovators of aerial dance. She has performed with Vau De Vire Society, Zaccho Dance Theatre, Extra Action Marching Band, Flyaway Productions and Capacitor, as well as various festivals, and supper clubs nationally and internationally. From understudy to lead roles, she often walks the line between stunt woman, fine artist, and circus performer. Sandia has performed and curated aerial performance for Treat Social Club since 2012.

Joe Case

Joe Case is an award winning filmmaker and multi-format audio visual artist. Storytelling is the thread that has tied his various talents together throughout the years, having produced and directed narrative and documentary projects in multiple languages in multiple countries. A philosophy degree from the University of Michigan taught him to distill meaning and story to its core elements and film school in Paris trained him to portray it in aesthetically pleasing ways, with or without pouty French actresses. Between searching for story and meaning in the fashion runways of Paris, the backstreets of Istanbul, and the backlots of Hollywood, he did time in an ad agency and worked the commercial production spectrum from back to front. Joe recently moved to San Francisco and launched the creative video company TeKino.

Steve Reddell

Steve Reddell has been an independent contractor in the video production business since 2005. While corporate retail video is something that takes a lot of his time, he truly enjoys working with people in the wide world of artistic expression. Steve has shot with the Jazz Mafia collective since 2007, documenting many shows and creating press videos for Brass, Bows and Beats and The Emperor Norton Suite. Steve has also worked with Joe Bagale, OONA, Zion-I, Local 365 and other local musicians and artists, shooting music and press videos to help bring artistic works to more eyes and ears.

Aron Shafron

Aron Shafran spent her life globetrotting with her family, but left her heart in San Francisco and came back to get it. She will never leave it again. Her career began in public relations, followed by hospitality in Hawaii and Thailand, moving on to teaching, and finally settling on high end food sales where she is working with the best restaurants in the city. In short, she has made her profession keeping you entertained, taken care of, highly educated and well fed. A lifelong fan of music, theater and dancing, she has been a fixture in the audience in the front of the house since the dawn of time. She is thrilled to bring this love for the arts to the back of the house, working with this incredible team to bring you the dynamic collaboration that is the Treat Social Club.

Lyz Luke

Lyz Luke is a successful promoter and artist manager based in San Francisco, and doesn’t actually have time to finish this bio due to writing a couple of press releases, organizing 100 musicians on a tribute project, coordinating a show on a farm, organizing an East Coast tour for DRMS, and planning a themed birthday party for about 7 of her friends at this very moment. For more information check out, or please contact her via Facebook, Twitter, and text simultaneously. She also has an NCAA Championship ring for fencing and her favorite colour is leather.

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